WIN – BAMMA 31 vs Martin Hudson (2017)

WIN – CELTIC GLADIATOR 12 vs Shaun Lomas (2017)

LOSS – MACTO CHAMPIONSHIPS Milton Keynes vs David Round (2015 – hamstring injury)

WIN – BAMMA FIGHT NIGHT vs Neil Hall  (2014)

WIN  – BAMMA 15  vs Nathan Jones (2013)

LOSS –  FURY MMA 8 vs Michael Beamont (2012)


WIN –  FURY MMA 7 VS Paul Edmonds (2012)

WIN – UKO MMA vs Liam Bird (2012)

WIN – FS FIGHT SCENE 2.1 vs Brad Watchorn (2012)

DRAW – ON TOP 2 vs Alan Johnston  (2011)

Alex Montagnani was born on the 12th of June 1988 into a martial art family that
paved the way into the world of MMA. His Father a 3rd Dan in Judo and Aikido,
with also 12 years of Amateur Boxing background, allowed Alex to gain a vast
amount of knowledge and experience from the very early age of just four.

Alex trained within the art of Judo  until the age of ten, but soon discovered he possessed some  talent in football, rugby and athletics; however his passion for Judo made him
return at the age of 17. Within just a year of being back he gained his black  belt at the age of 18! Alex decided to expand his martial art knowledge by  studying Brazilian Jujitsu at The BJJ School in Battersea.

The accumulation of Alex’s martial art  skills pointed in one direction, an MMA direction.

He started his journey at Legacy MMA;  however a few months later Keddles Gym was introduced to Alex where he developed  his essential Thai Boxing skills. With time Alex mental and physical attributes  developed preparing him to begin his Semi-Pro MMA career. Alex fought his whole  Semi-Pro career out of Legacy MMA and Keddles Gym, gaining experience that  fuelled his determination to turn Pro. Alex made the decision to transfer to The
New Wave Academy where he made his transformation from Semi-Pro to Pro MMA  fighter.

Alex is now a Pro MMA fighter and proud  to represent The New Wave Academy (N.W.A) in South London and Tristar Gym In  Montreal Canada.

Alex’ stats:

Back Squat – 150kg

Deadlift – 200 kg

Bench Press – 110kg