Sabina Skala – I am originally from Poland, at present based in London UK where I work with various pro and amateur athletes taking care of their Strength and Conditioning.
Over the years I had a great opportunity to  train under numerous worlds top Strength and Conditioning
Coaches including Mark Twight (Gym Jones) & Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength) to name a few.
I have presented at national exhibitions and several workshops worldwide  that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development. I am extremely proud to have taught alongside Mike Mahler, Andy Bolton, Brooks Kubik and Dan John, as well as the second to none Balance Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic team
who I work with on a regular basis.. Over the years I have been working with various sports including pro – MMA athletes, BJJ fighters and other top combat sports professionals, top male models,  military personnel, rugby,
football, golf and polo players, climbers, dancers and endurance athletes.  Some of my publications can be found in Mens Fitness and The Guardian, PT Magazine, as well as www.breakingmuscle.com
and www.fightcampconditioning.com, I have also appeared as a guest on the awesome Super Human Radio and numerous podcasts including the infamous LLA Podcast by Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan.

As a former competitive athlete I strongly believe that each is truly responsible for the performance potential and we are all capable of limitless possibilities when the mind and the correct knowledge are put to work and egos disappear. I follow vegan diet and was a part of the Plant Based Performance: A Compassionate
Approach to Health and Fitness project. The entire profit from this book sales goes directly
to the Mercy For Animals charity. To support it please buy the book HERE
Also available in the e-book format.

This website is the fruit of years of experience in strength and conditioning training numerous athletes especially my biggest passion and interest – strength training for MMA & BJJ fighters . With combat sports requirements of
a sound amount of strength, power and endurance, there have been many misconceptions and confusions surrounding strength and conditioning preparation for martial artists. Fine tuning the training process and
correct periodisation is necessary to bring the athlete to perform at their best on the night of the fight and many coaches still fail to do it. We do not aim to have all the answers, what we do, is strive to provide a solid and honest information, based on science, our experience and what we have learned from other experts in the field.  We are not about latest gimmicks or fancy looking exercises here, we are about making our athletes better in their sport. Whether you are an amateur or professional MMA fighter, a strength and conditioning coach, martial arts practitioner, or a recreational athlete, we hope you will find a useful information and that it will contribute to you becoming the athlete you strive to be.

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